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  5. "How many dogs are there?"

"How many dogs are there?"

Translation:Có bao nhiêu con chó?

January 15, 2017



Question: How many dogs are there? = Có bao nhiêu con chó? (with có = are there)

Answer: There are two dogs = Có hai con chó (with có = there are)

Now, if you want to express the location as well, go for

Question: How many dogs are over there? = Có bao nhiêu con chó ở đó/kia? (with có still = are there)

Answer: There are two dogs over there = Có hai con chó ở đó/kia (with có still = there are)


Thank you so much, that really helps!❤️


It would help to understand why the sentence is structured this way. My answer was Nhũng con chó là bao nhiêu? Thanks


that was my answer too. Do you understand why it's Co instead? If you do, please explain to me, thanks.


"Có" in this situation means "are there". Normally, "có" goes with " bao nhiêu", which means " how much", to form a fixed structure " Có bao nhiêu.....?" which is used to ask about the amount of something or someone. When answering, you can say "Có " in front of a noun to indicate the number of it


I really think from the English meaning it should be "Bao nhiêu con chó ở đó". That's how I interpreted the English question. "How many dogs are THERE" indicates a location. If the question had an emphasis on the number of dogs would be "how many dogs do (you/they/we/he/she/it have/has?"


Hello, native speaker here. You are absolutely correct. Like you mentioned, the answer should be 'bao nhiêu con cho ở đó' because of the adverb 'there.' Without 'đó' it would just mean 'how many dogs'. Duolingo is wrong in this case.


Yes Yes yes. Thank you! Now two years later, that is what I thought too!


Because there is/are = có


The discussion whether đó is /necessary/ or not is one thing. I know what có means. For me the question rather is, why cant Duolingo simply accept an answer with đó or ở đó. It simply get on my nerves to be marked as incorrect for something a native speaker wouldnt consider incorrect. Please add a version with đó.


Why not "Bao nhiêu các con chó là đó?" (Like how many dogs are in that location). I interpret the 'correct' solution as translating to "How much for the dog?"


How much for the dog would be 'Con chó (này/đó) bảo nhiêu (tiền)? '


Why not "có bao nhiêu những con chó"? I.e. why is the plural indicator wrong?


ở đó có bao nhiêu chó? is marked wrong

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