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"Bạn muốn trả lời câu hỏi của ấy không?"

Translation:Do you want to answer her question?

January 15, 2017



I put "Do you want to reply to her question?" and feel this should be acceptable


Jeez. Are we dont with this ask and answer stuff. So why does answer have long ways to say it and shorter ways? Im a little confused. Can somebody please elaborate?


"You want to answer her question?" should be accepted as it is perfectly acceptable english.


Also "Do you want her question answered?"


"to want her question answered" doesn't mean you are the one answering it, it just means that you wish someone answer it and we can speculate that you don't even know the answer yourself.


Is there another combination of words that would translate as "to want her question answered"? It's probably a more complex construction, but from what I was made to understand from the elementary Vietnamese studying I've done so far, tense is based more on context.


a more transliteral but not that natural way to say it is "bạn muốn câu hỏi (của) cô ấy được trả lời không?"

otherwise, I'd rather say something along "bạn có muốn/cần một ai trả lời câu hỏi (của) cô ấy không?" (do you want/need someone to answer her question?)


I miss the in the answers


I wrote "Do you want Tea with her question"!!!


tea is "trà", not "trả" which means return (to return a word is in other terms to answer, to reply)


Would you like to answer her question? should be accepted as well.


I just added it. thanks for reporting.


Shouldn't 'co' precede muon since it's a yes/no question: Ban 'co' muon...


both are acceptable and accepted. with it, the sentence is more formal; without it, the sentence is more casual.

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