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"¿Cuándo él se había dado cuenta de eso?"

Traducción:Wann hatte er davon erfahren?

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The problem I found here is that in Spanish, you do not use here the pronoun. The form of the sentence is the same as in "¿Cuando él se había dado cuenta de eso?", meaning "als er es bemerkt hate". "Cuándo" with accent, of course, changes the meaning yet with pronoun it is unnatural (yes, not wrong). If we want to use a pronoun, then a different order would be better: "¿cuándo se había dado cuenta él de eso?" yet: what are we implying as important in the question? "when" or "who"?

In German, the sentence is right (of course, as long as we do not erase the accent in "cuándo").

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