"She cried after she spoke to you!"

Translation:Ea a plâns după ce a vorbit cu tine!

January 15, 2017

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I understand that you can omit the "ea" in the second half of the sentence. But is it wrong to use it? "Ea a plâns după ce EA a vorbit cu voi/tine"


No, it is not. It might sound a bit unnatural in certain situations, but it is definitely correct.


Right, I think it's correct to use it, but in common usage Romanians like to drop words all the time.


Why do we need to add ce after după? Is "Ea a plâns după a vorbit cut tine" wrong?


Yes, "ce" is necessary here.


Isn't "a vorbi cu" best translated as "to speak with"?


Yes, it is. "to speak to" translates as "a vorbi cuiva". Therefore, the correct answer should be "Ea a plâns după ce ți-a vorbit!" or "Ea a plâns după ce v-a vorbit!".


A question abous snchronization between tences. " ei au stiut bine ce fac" is the correct answer accordingly DL rules (the program decides when and what is wrong or wright) and we have past tence in first part and present - in second. Here in this sentence in romanian again both parts are in past. Can somebody explain what this means - both situations are allowed in romanian or something is wrong with examples and only one is possible!?


„după ce” requires a past tense, because it means that the action is already accomplished. But there are situations where you can use either the present tense or the past tense without changing the meaning:

  • Eu credeam că ești acasă. = I thought you were home.
  • Eu credeam că erai acasă. = I thought you were home.

Romanian does not have tense agreement like English and French. Nevertheless, there are some conjunctions that require a specific tense, like „după ce”.

What are the rules then? As a native speaker, I cannot answer you, at least at this moment. We are not taught what tense to use after a certain conjunction, just because it comes naturally to us. The best tip is to try to think about the logic of the phrase, like I did with „după ce”. And of course, keep practicing, because you will eventually grasp the use of the most common conjunctions.

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