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recommended updates

I want to say first that the language program that has been developed is wonderful, and has had a lot of effort used to get to the present level. Hopefully, the program developers monitor these comments and realistically consider changes. There are a few areas that changes would be of benefit to a lot of us. - 1) All timed exercises, either in lessons or as part of practice should be optional. Many of us learning a language, need all the time we can get to work on lessons. 2) If translations are going to continue being a significant part of the learning process, more translations and at various times need to be presented. 3) Some form of social interaction of learners might help a lot of us. Many other language groups use some form of interaction. What is available now, doesn't really work very well. If you do decide to incorporare some real social interaction within Duo- (not Facebook), give people points and incorporate it partly into learning. All these possible changes become more pressing with more learners joining Duo.

February 19, 2013



Thanks for these suggestions! (1) and (2) are being worked on and you should be seeing changes related to them in the next couple of weeks.


I agree with number 3, I think it would be fun to communicate with other learners and try to speak in the chosen language to them.

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