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"Bărbatul are multe piese în borcanul verde."

Translation:The man has many pieces in the green jar.

January 15, 2017



I did initially think, "pieces of what?" but from looking at the comments and doing a bit of research I think we would call them "parts" in English (spare bits and bobs that you keep for repairs etc,)


indeed, you are totally right, ”The man has many parts in the green jar” would be a better English translation.


comment for the tips section: hip-hip and thumbs up for the dor/doină/colindă! But it comes with the observation that colindă is translatable by ”christmas carol”, which for some English-speaking places is the same as our ”singing from door to door” stuff, and also, you have a grammar mistake there, ”is sang” versus ”is sung”. http://grammarist.com/usage/sang-vs-sung/

Also, a typo, at dor: you wrote "far way" instead of "far away".

(you didn't imagine that I posted only to praise you, did you? :P)


I felt the same about "colindă," and even possibly about "dor." I know that we learnt in school that "dor" is untranslatable, probably because of our poetry and music, but it could be translated as "longing" and even "homesickness." I know the latter is not very poetic. :)


Similar in meaning to "dor" in Brazilian Portuguese is "saudade", apparently.


Can piese mean coins similarly to the French word pièces? If not this seems like a strange sentence.


I think the sentence is about hardware (think nuts, bolts, washers etc).

Depending on context "piese" can mean coins, other collector's items or even songs.


Or electronic components, in fact we don't have other word, beside of the explanatory locution, to say electronic components. When I was young, and before moving abroad I used to keep all my electronic components (resistors, capacitors, etc) in small, labeled jars. I assume they are still there, in my parents' house/attic/garage/whatever, after these ~20 years... :) (I am currently working in a factory that designs and produces electronic assemblies, from mobile phones and computers to big industrial controllers and stuff).


This part has many defects. The sound is non-existent

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