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  5. "Jestem chrześcijaninem."

"Jestem chrześcijaninem."

Translation:I am a Christian.

January 15, 2017



I wouldn't say it's correct to pronounce "krz", unless you want to sound like a redneck or a kid.


'Chrześcijaninem' sounds more as it was pronounced with 'krz', which pronunciation is correct?


Yes, it is correct, however many little children write it with "k" at the beginning ;-)


Thank you very much! : )


chrześcijaninem is almost unprononciable. Duo should add a fonction which prononces the words slowlier in order we can better understand and repeat them


Not specific to this but Polish does not capitalize a lot of proper nouns, does it? I look for patterns but I would guess that more goes uncapitalized than capitalized as it would be in English.


Yes, that is true, it's not common in Polish.

For example titles (of songs, movies, books) in English capitalize almost every word apart from prepositions and articles, but in Polish they capitalize only the first word and proper nouns.

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