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More communication from Duolingo

I've seen today that some graphics have slightly changed and that since some days ago revising a lesson is worth 10 points instead of 5. I guess the duolingo team is improving and refining the site little by little according to internal and external feedbacks. I'd really like the team to communicate more about it and let the users know more about what's going and give examples of translated sites for example. Personally I'd like to know more about the ins and outs of duolingo (e.g. how are the skills to revise chosen? What's the consequence of 'peeking'? Do you use the principles of spaced repetition to schedule the questions and skills to revise? How to choose the web sites? ...)

March 16, 2012



Hi, we (the Duolingo team) totally agree. We've been totally consumed making Duolingo better for you, but we also need to spend time communicating our decisions. We'll have a blog next week.


Yes I agree that Duolingo is missing some sort of community liaison person and the lack of a simple blog is pretty puzzling for a tech startup. They are really missing the mark in cultivating a community which should be fairly easy because I find that people that are interested about languages are passionate people. Plus the very act of acquiring a new language should be a social endeavour where learning becomes that much more effective.


I agree that there is a lack of communication. If I participate in a beta program then I want to be informed explictly when the user interface changes as drastically as it did today.


I have to agree. Beyond the changed user interface, I'm wondering when new langauges are going to be added. The website says that French, Chinese, and Italian are "coming later," and the only update on this was a twitter post on June 29, 2011 that Duolingo was starting to add French. I would love to know when those languages are due to arrive, even if it's an approximate time frame.


I agree with the comments about the social aspect. I feel like I'm learning by myself, and I'm curious about who everyone else is. Do you think there's a way to add some sort of chat-room or a separate board for socializing (perhaps even for practicing our new language skills!)

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