"The detective and the police officer are brothers."

Translation:Detectivul și polițistul sunt frați.

January 15, 2017

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It gives "Detectivul și polițista sunt frați" as a correct solution, but isn't "polițista" feminine?


In Romanian there is no separate word for "siblings", we just use "frați" if any male is involved. So that phrase is valid in Romanian. But, if it's presented as a translation for "the detective and the police officer are brothers", that's a mistake and it should be reported.


There's no way to tell in English if "police officer" is masculine or feminine


well, in this particular example, there is: if both are males, you say brothers, if both are females you say sisters, but if one is male and one is female, you would say siblings. In English a man and a woman are not ”brothers”. In Romanian, however, they are.

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