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"Το ρολόι είναι παλαιότερο από το σπίτι μας."

Translation:The watch is older than our house.

January 15, 2017



Why clock and not watch? Both are given in hints


Of course, "watch" is also accepted as correct.


But my "clock" is not accepted. Why not?


Either "clock" or "watch" can be used in this translation.

Now my question. Why did you decide that the word "clock" was the problem? Doesn't the sentence contain other words?

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I have just translated this from an audio phrase and have been told I have used the wrong word??? Το ρολοι ειναι παλαιοτερο απο το σπιτι μας...


From what I see what you wrote is fine and should have been accepted. If we had more information we might be able to help more, a screenshot would be good. Which word did they say was wrong, what did they show as the correct word. If there is an glitch we need to report it but we need more information.


Hi! I tried "The watch is more ancient than our house.", and it was not accepted. Why is it wrong? Thanks! (reported)

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