"Masa este plină de fructe."

Translation:The table is full of fruit.

January 15, 2017

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How do we know when it is "meal" or "table"?


Good question! My first thought was table, but seeing your question I realized it could actually mean both!

Yet it is unlikely we would refer to the meal being full of fruit like that. The primary meaning of plină would be in a physical sense, reason for which my first thought was table instead of meal.

But back to your question, context will help you know whether it's meal or table.


So, "masa" is feminine and "plin" is inflected appropriately?


Yes, exactly, "masă / masa plină" = "a / the full table".


Why is it not "plină cu fructe"? What's the difference between the respective uses of "plin de" and "plin cu"?

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