"Is this our presentation?"

Translation:Είναι αυτή η παρουσίαση μας;

January 15, 2017

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Minor correction this should be Είναι αυτή η παρουσίασή μας; (with a second τόνος at the last syllabe because of the μας that follows.


I've seen several examples of this and I've read that the working team is aware of the problem, but they can't fix it at the moment.


It has just been pointed out to me by D... that the sentence on this page is correct as far as accents are concerned. That is because, it is a translation (Eng. to Gr) not the original sentence (the Gr). In this case, we were able to edit. Thank you D... .


Yes, we have been haunted by this from the beginning but cannot edit it until we go to the new tree. Thank you.


Wow what a quick response. Thank you jaye 16. Of course the suggested response should be learned. However it is difficult when trying to learn a language to have a correct response rejected as incorrect, especially as the suggested response was not the first one offered in the drop down clues. Love the course.


I, in turn, thank you for your response and indeed for your assistance. We need to be made aware when there are irregularities in the course. I have corrected the drop-down hints for this sentence. Glad you love the course and we are always ready to improve it so le t us know what you see needs fixing.




Είναι αυτή η παράστασή μας - still not accepted


It has been added. But may I ask why the sentence we have above is not sufficient? Is it not correct? Wouldn't it be effective if you learned that one?

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