"She filled the turkey, then sewed it."

Translation:Ea a umplut curcanul, apoi la cusut.

January 16, 2017



De second ,,Ea a umplut curcanul și apoi la cusut" is not correct. In this situation ,,la" needs to be in the form ,,l-a"

August 26, 2017


Can I say «ea l-a umplut curcanul după ce l-a cusut » ?

January 16, 2017


Not really. For the first part you could say "ea l-a umplut pe curcan", though it's a bit of a stretch and sounds unnatural. However, using "ce" in the second part changes the order of the actions: "she filled the turkey after she sewed it". The correct form would be "după care l-a cusut".

Btw, as it is now, the Romanian version of the sentence ("...apoi la cusut") is incorrect, there should be a "l-a".

January 16, 2017


Be carefull because they use "la" which means at, it should be l-a

July 8, 2017


˝ea l-a umplut curcanul după ce l-a cusut˝ mean ˝she filled the turkey after she sewed it˝ (you can't fill the turkey if you sewed it first) you can say ˝ea l-a umplut curcanul după care l-a cusut˝ which mean ˝she filled the turkey and then she sewed it˝ (she sewed the turkey after she filled it) i agree with potestasity, is incorect to use (apoi la cusut= than to sewing) you have to use ˝l-a˝

July 8, 2017


L-a cusut , adica pe el a cusut

August 11, 2019
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