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  5. "I have got up early."

"I have got up early."

Translation:Dw i wedi codi'n gynnar.

January 16, 2017



So both elided and not are both acceptable?


If this is what you are referring to - ...codi'n gynnar.. is usual unless there is a particular reason to separate codi and yn.


Yes thanks. I was marked wrong because I didn't pick that both "codi'n gynnar" and "codi yn gynnar" were valid


i got something wrong earlier when i said codi'n gynnar instead of codi yn gynnar

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I'm not quite sure what the question is here.

It may be the English translation that is misleading.

The literal translation of the Welsh is 'I am after rising early' which has been turned into the most common English form above.


Why is cael wrong? Is it possessive?


cael - to get; to be allowed to - it is not used as a possessive, though. Look it up in www.gweiadur.com to see examples of how it is used.

codi - to get up (eg, from lying down); to lift.

  • Dw i wedi codi - I have got up
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