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"Tu ai o prună și un strugure."

Translation:You have a plum and a bunch of grapes.

January 16, 2017



This seems wrong should be "a grape" and not grapes (un strugure)


FYI, I don't know when you posted this comment (can't see the dates in my mobile), but Duolingo did give me 'a grape' as the correct answer.


Is the audio a bit weird in the "Tu ai" part for anyone else?


Yeah. It sounds like the two words are recorded separately and put together without enough spacing also sounding a bit robotic.


18 apr 2020 stil "a bunch of grapes"


Oh puhleeeze ... in Romania the word Pruna applies to a variety of fruits where in the USA we have different names. The word applies to what Americans call Prunes and Plums and Pluots and related things.

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