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  5. "Thứ năm, thứ sáu, thứ bảy"

"Thứ năm, thứ sáu, thứ bảy"

Translation:Thursday, Friday, Saturday

January 16, 2017



So the first day of the week in Vietnam starts on the Sunday?


Yes, and Sunday has it's own name, "Chủ nhật." After that, Monday is "day two," Tuesday is "day three" and so on.


I'm still not familiar with this after so many months. My culture has Monday as the first day of the week. I have to count every time.


actually, if you pay attention to a standard Gregorian calendar, you will see the first column is Sunday....


That depends on the country ;)


I'm sorry, you are so right. my very own standard is North American.


Couldn't this also be "fifth, sixth, seventh?"


But it marks it wrong if you write that! And in a lesson review, you can't know if this refers to the lesson on days of the week, or the lesson on numbers!


I don't know if it's accepted or not, if it's in the lesson about date or not, but taken out of context, "thứ năm, thứ sáu, thứ bảy" can definitely be used for "fifth, sixth, seventh" beside meaning "Thursday, Friday, Saturday".


The problem is that when you do it as practice, you don't know which lesson is being references, and it will mark "fifth, sixth, seventh" wrong.


I'm sorry I can't be of any help. someone asked a question and I answered, but I cannot to do more. you'll need to wait for Huy or any eventual contributors to add it to the database.

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