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"Femeia rămâne slabă deși mănâncă multă carne."

Translation:The woman stays skinny although she eats a lot of meat.

1 year ago



on the slow pronunciation she pronounses desi "DEHshee". Is it DEHshee or DESH? One thing native speakers may take for granted, and which this course should address, is that it's not entirely obvious when a final 'i' will be practically silent or not. consider "tu intrebi" vs "metri" vs "luni" vs "a fi". Tough to follow for a novice! Eventually one learns that the 'i' that would be nearly silent at the end of a conjugated form is strongly voiced at the end of an infinitive. I'm sure it's a lot more complicated, though.

1 year ago

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It's "DEHshee", two syllables. The one syllable version does exist and is the masculine plural form of "des" (frequent).

Fun fact: before 1904, Romanian had the letter ĭ to distinguish between the sounds. So "deșĭ" was one syllable, "deși" two. I have no idea why people decided it's a good idea to remove it.

1 year ago

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why not weak instead of thin/skinny?

4 months ago