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"Το λουλούδι σε εκείνο τον κήπο έχει ένα τέλειο χρώμα."

Translation:The flower in that garden is a perfect color.

January 16, 2017



"has" and not "is". Also, the most natural is to say just "Το λουλούδι σε εκείνο τον κήπο έχει τέλειο χρώμα. ". We rarely use " ένα", in that circumstance. But even more natural is ""Το λουλούδι σ'αυτόν τον κήπο έχει τέλειο χρώμα. "


has a perfect colour! The alternative 'has' is not offered, and 'is a perfect colour' is simply mistaken


Please read the existing comments↑ first, thank you.


can we add "has a perfect color" ?


It should be accepted already.

From what I can see in the incubator, the last change to this sentence was two months ago, and in its current state "has a perfect colour" is one of the alternatives.


Only received "is" in the word selection


In English, flower HAS a perfect color, not 'flower is a perfect color'.


Has isn't available yet!!! Oct 2020...


The flower in that garden has a perfect color


(still trying to understand use of articles) It seems that using "ενα" here is at odds with the convention that it should be used mainly when there is more than one possibility...in this case, the point is that the color is perfect, as opposed to the fact that the flower is just one (not more than one) color. Is there another reason that "ενα" is used here? THX!

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