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  5. "Ce arată analizele mele?"

"Ce arată analizele mele?"

Translation:What do my analyzes show?

January 16, 2017



'Analyzes' is the third person conjugation in the present simple of the verb 'to analyze' (or 'analyse' as we Brits write it). It is not a plural noun. So: 'the scientist analyzes the data'. The plural of the noun 'analysis' is 'analyses'. Example: 'she reads the analyses'.


Good analaziz of the situation!


Analysis is written with an s in English.


This doesn't make sense. As a Romanian speaker who wants to practice (I don't speak Romanian on a regular basis) I know this sentence to mean "what di my tests show?" as this is what we'd ask the doctor (among others) every time :) also the word analyzes is not a pkural noun...


It can mean both "medical tests" and (intellectual, scientific etc.) "analyses," depending on context.

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