"Can she swim with me?"

Translation:Ydy hi'n gallu nofio gyda fi?

January 16, 2017



"Ydy hi'n gallu nofio gyda fi" The "mae" isn't necessary before "hi'n"?

January 16, 2017


The form of the verb that comes before hi here depends on what you are saying or asking:

  • When you are asking a question of fact - Ydy...?
  • When you are asking a question of existence - Oes...?
  • When you are making a statement of fact or existence- Mae...


  • Ydy hi'n gallu nofio gyda ni? - Can she swim with us? (question of fact - does she have the ability or not?)
  • Oes teigr yn y gegin? - Is there a tiger in the kitchen? (question of existence of the tiger)
  • Mae hi'n gallu nofio gyda ni - She can swim with us. (statement of fact)
  • Mae teigr yn y gegin - There is a tiger in the kitchen. (statement of existence)
January 16, 2017
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