"Four liters of water."

Translation:Τέσσερα λίτρα νερό.

January 16, 2017

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I'm curious why νερό here doesn't take the genitive νερού...? In Greek, when you're referring to an amount of something, what case does the noun take? Accusative?


You hover over 'of water' and it shows 'του νερου' . A bit tricky.


It has been removed. thank you.


I wrote Τέσσερα λίτρα νερού DL marked it right


Please read my comment here.


Συγνώμη, αλλά δεν μπορώ να click το σύνδεσμο μέσα στο app. Και δεν υπάρχει ένα button για να ακολουθήσω ένα σύνδεσμο άπο το app όσ την αγορά στο Δικτυακό (;) τόπο.


"This is an example of, let's say, "further explanation" between the quantity and the material/type of what this quantity comprises. The accusative is used instead of the genitive.

Quantity=A PAIR (of whatever that is)=TWO (of whatever that is)

Material/Type of the quantity=SHOES

Two more examples:

He showed up with a piece of pie.=(Αυτός) εμφανίστηκε με ένα κομμάτι πίτα.

Quantity=A PIECE=Ένα κομμάτι (of whatever that is)

Material/Type of the quantity=PIE=Πίτα

There are other cases of "further explanation", extra to the "Quantity-Material" one, but let's stick to this one in this post, since there was a specific question."


In Greece, they are using κιλό instead of λίτρο, isn't it?


In Greece we use both.

κιλό is for solid matter...A kilo of sugar/cheese etc
λίτρο is for liquid....A liter of water/milk/ wine etc


Dear jaye16, travelling to Greece the first time, about fourty years ago, I expected it just that way, being used to that from home (Γερμανός είμαι): Liter for liquid and Kilogramm for solid matter. Αλλά, ρε φίλε μου, μια έκπληξη! Οι Έλληνες είχαν, και ήπιανε, το κρασί στα κιλά. Έτσι το άκουσα, και γι'αυτό κι εγώ παράγγειλα έτσι τα κρασάκια μου σε ταβέρνες: "Μισό κιλό κρασί, παρακαλώ!" Ίσος αυτό εξαρτάται από το πώς πίνεται το κρασί, από μπουκάλι ή χύμα.
I tried to tell that in Greek, sorry for my mistakes.


Yes, the wine unit in tavernas is kilos. :)


Yes, good observation and as D_.. explains in tavernas kilos is used. But the label on the bottle and its sale in shops is always in liters.


Isn't κιλό a word borrowed from latin? The precise word should be something like κιλόγράμμα/κιλόγραμμάρια.

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