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  5. "I usually sleep at nine."

"I usually sleep at nine."

Translation:Eu normalmente durmo às nove.

February 19, 2013



What's the rule for word order here? I tried "Eu durmo normalmente as nove" but the system says it's wrong and suggests "Eu normalmente durmo às nove".


As (without accent) = The... Às (with accent) = At.. When you write "durmo as nove" it translates to "i sleep the nine"


Junesun, it is all about emphasizing.

Eu durmo normalmente as nove = I can sleep normally at nine, but if I sleep at ten, I am not going to sleep normally. If I don´t sleep at nine, I will have troubles, it won´t be a normal sleeping.

Eu normalmente durmo as nove = I usually sleep at nine. Almost every day I sleep at nine, so it is normal for me to sleep at nine. Sleep at ten is not normal for me, because I almost never sleep at ten. But if I sleep at ten I may have a normal sleeping, without troubles.

Can you understand the subtle difference?

Now let's see another example, just for curiosity:

Eu normalmente durmo normalmente as nove = It means, I normally can have normal sleeping at nine. Almost every time I go sleep at nine, I have a normal sleeping, without troubles or nightmares. However, sometimes when I sleep at nine I don´t have a normal sleeping, but this is more rare, this is not normally what happens.


Well....you're not wrong. And there are some cases in which it would be wrong to change order.

But in this case, intonation rules over the rest, so we usually say "Eu durmo normalmente às nove", with the right intonation, to mean the same as "Eu normalmente durmo às nove".

Because "normalmente" could be pointing to "durmo normalmente" or to "normalmente às nove".


So "Eu durme, normalmente às nove" would be correct?


Yes, it is also right: "Eu durmo normalmente às nove".


Wrote it just like that, got marked wrong. Wants me to put 'eu normalmente...' and not 'eu durmo...'.


Will it be "á" for one and "ás" for the plural numbers?


Usualmente should be accepted instead of normalmente no?


Yes, it should be accepted also.


What about "Eu durmo às nove normalmente."? Unnatural?


A less common structure.


This does not make a lot of sense in English. It seems to say that I am asleep at nine, but not necessarily before or after. Just a quick cat nap?


is "eu customo dormir as nove

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