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  5. "I drink the glass of milk."

"I drink the glass of milk."

Translation:Tôi uống ly sữa.

January 16, 2017



why isn't cai ly correct?


When a word has more than one syllable, the "cái" is often omitted (and should be omitted). "The glass of milk" = "ly sữa" has two syllables, so there is no need for "cái".


I've noticed that Vietnamese has a large selection of single syllabic units of meaning. They call these words. In English our words are multisyllabic, quite often, and lots of discreet meanings are put into each word with each different syllable. Hope this makes sense. When you say Ly, you use cái ly. When you say Ly Sữa, you don't need the cái because Ly is describing the sữa.( what kind of milk? Milk in a glass).( what kind of glass? An "object" glass, cái )


"ly" actually means "cup" while "glass" is "thuy tinh". I'm not sure of the spelling and sorry for not including the accents.


It says I should use "một". But then the English must be I drink A glass of milk.


I do not agree with Victoria. "Thuy tinh" is "glass" like in "A window is made of glass". The material, thus. A drinking glass is "ly". Cup is "cốc" .

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