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  5. "I drink the glass of milk."

"I drink the glass of milk."

Translation:Tôi uống ly sữa.

January 16, 2017


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why isn't cai ly correct?

January 16, 2017


When a word has more than one syllable, the "cái" is often omitted (and should be omitted). "The glass of milk" = "ly sữa" has two syllables, so there is no need for "cái".


"ly" actually means "cup" while "glass" is "thuy tinh". I'm not sure of the spelling and sorry for not including the accents.


It says I should use "một". But then the English must be I drink A glass of milk.


I do not agree with Victoria. "Thuy tinh" is "glass" like in "A window is made of glass". The material, thus. A drinking glass is "ly". Cup is "cốc" .


"ly" is the word "cup" often used by Southerners. "Coc" is also a word for cup that's often used by Northerners. Two words, same meaning. Would this be considered a dialect thing? I was just explaining that literal translation of the word glass is thuy tinh. I wasn't saying to use it in this sentence. Unless you want to be super specific then you'll say "I drank milk in a cup made from glass" = "toi uong sua trong ly thuy tinh" but you wouldn't say something like this unless someone specifically asked what type of cup you drank from. This would be the case for both in English and Vietnamese. Vietnamese language courses are often taught with the Northern dialect for non-native Vietnamese speakers to learn because the pronunciation of the words/letters are more accurate/precise. This isn't my opinion, this is what Vietnamese language educators considered and put into practice. If you want to learn more about this, then look it up.

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