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  5. "Es una etapa."

"Es una etapa."

Translation:It is a stage.

February 19, 2013



this is a stage as in a stage of a race, not for a concert right?


No, like a stage of life: the Terrible Twos, adolescence, menopause, more like a phase of life, as I understand it.


It would be nice to see meaningful sentences among the exercises with these words (etapa, fasa etc.), not just "It is a stage" or "which phase?" kind of stuff because I can't figure out the exact meaning and supposed context of these words. I translate them literally but have no idea how these are used in "the real world".

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how does fase differ from etapa?


Phonetically is it "s oo nay tapa" sounds like the -e- of etapa gets dropped when proceeded by an- a- as in una. This seems to happen in other cases . What are the rules?


Not a rule of Spanish grammar, but a common practice, linguistically, for vowels to slur together when one words ends in a vowel and the following words begins with a vowel. That is how "you all" becomes "y'all" Pretty much the way humans speak, unless they are paying careful attention, like radio broadcasters, etc.

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I cannot tell the difference in usage from the recent words they are giving that all roughly mean time, period, or stage.


Thanks. Being Canadian y'all isn't a word I would ever use. But your point is well takn


I'm from Minnesota, so I don't use it either. But you get the idea, eh? ;)


That is a gotcha. Yes I think eh is a terrible slang likely said by myself without realizing it. Dead giveaway to distinquish American from Canadian. Others are roof vs ruff, front step vs front stoop, Zed vs Zee. Lots more I am sure.


Then there's east coasters ("Newfies" etc)... love listening to them, can't understand 'em!

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