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French song lyrics correction challenge

Someone posted a Youtube link to a French song from the Pixar movie Ratatouille : Le Festin on another discussion but there are a bunch of errors in the French lyrics we see in the video (many of them were even translated in the English lyrics, so don't just blindly translate them back).

Here's your challenge : report and propose a correction to every mistake there is in the French lyrics.

I'll give one lingot just for participating, plus one per error correctly identified and one more if it is corrected appropriately. So that's a possibility of 2 lingots per error corrected plus the initial one for participation. Don't just copy what everyone else says, they may be mistaken (they too are learning French).

<h1>This challenge is now over. For my next challenge, go over there.</h1>
February 28, 2014



Alright ! Thanks to our numerous participant (d.batta) ! The challenge is now closed. Here are every error there was in the French text (I didn't look at the English one) :

  • Éspoire -> L'espoir (0:52)
  • redira -> me dira (1:21)
  • Laisser -> Laissez (1:28)
  • emerveillez -> émerveiller (1:29)
  • , -> et (1:30)
  • en fin -> enfin (1:34)
  • regalér -> régaler (1:36)
  • fet(e) -> fête (1:52)
  • Et -> [nothing] (1:59) the [ay] sound is just the end of the word "commencer" which ended the last line
  • demain -> de ma (2:07)
  • a -> à (2:10)

So it makes 11 mistakes, for a total of 23 lingots for someone identifying everyone of them (including the participation one).


Merci beaucoup! A mon avis ton idée était bonne et j'ai trouvé très utile cet exercice. C'est dommage que personne n'y ait partecipé!


La prochaine fois, je le laisserai ouvert plus lengtemps.


Comme tu es Français, je te demanderais de garder tes réponses pour la dernière journée du défi - afin de ne pas influencer les autres qui apprennent. Et je ne te donnerais que le lingot de la participation, puisque ce n'est pas vraiment un effort d'apprentissage pour toi. ;-) Ça te va ?


What a nice idea! These are the mistakes I've found:

  • éspoire > l'éspoir

  • émerveillez > émerveiller

  • en fin > enfin

  • regalér > régaler


Congratulations my one and only participant ! Here's your prize !

As a side note, espoir doesn't take any accent, but I've given you the lingot nonetheless because it's a minor oversight.

For the full correction, see my post at the bottom.


Could you all please upvote the discussion to draw in a few more participants ?

I'll wait until the end of the allowed time to correct your entries and give the awards, so as not to influence others' responses.

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