"She is a girl and he is a boy."

Translation:Ea este o fată și el este un băiat.

January 17, 2017

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Are both "Ea e o fată" and "Ea e fată" correct?


She is girl=Ea este fata ; She is a girl=Ea este o fata

You mean that?


Logically yes but in English we do not say "she is girl" or "he is boy", but "she is a girl" or "he is a boy".


E is abbreviation for este...


Are there two types for third person singular ( e, este) ? Are they used equally ?


Yes, they are interchangeble, both are correct.


This is a difficult one to remember, honestly. You're only shown it once.


It should accept the answer without personal pronouns, like ea or el, as it does with most of the question (since romanians do not use them unless it is necessary)


In this case it is necessary because it clearly indicates the subject (like the definite article does in other cases). It would be a grammatically correct sentence without them but the meaning would be less precise).


I am a little confused (not surprisingly, I always am), but my humble question follows: When do you use in Romanian just a subject word itself without the article, e.g. fată (not o fată "a girl" or fata "the girl"). Anyway, the vine varietal called fetească produces very good white wines indeed.


O fată este talentată = A girl is talented
Fata este talentată = The girl is talented
But: Fată este talentată - it is not ok
Ce fată frumoasă ! = What a beautiful girl ! (ok)
Ce fată talentată ! = What a talented girl ! (ok)
Nu știu nimic despre această fată = I don't know anything about this girl (ok)

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Why is there a different word for a?


the "a" changes gender to match the noun it precedes. o = feminine, un = masculine.


Eu sunt din românia așa că na eu stiu româna( I am from romania)


I do use the accents! Why does the system keep telling me I should pay attention to them?


Do you use the keyboard or select the words? For the keyboard, did you installed the correct layout?

Also, note that the Romanian writing doesn't use accents, except for some loan words, but diacritics.


This one was really hard


i am romanian ,it is hard to learn the english speaker


Is esti plural?


Eu sunt = I am
Tu ești = You are
El/Ea este = He/She is
Noi suntem = We are
Voi sunteți = You are
Ei/Ele sunt = They are (ei - is for masculine plural, ele - for feminine plural)

Ea este o fată și el este un băiat. (3rd person singular) = She is a girl and he is a boy
Ele sunt fete și ei sunt băieți (3rd person plural) = They are girls and they are boys.

Eu sunt o fată. = I am a girl.
Eu sunt un băiat. = I am a boy.
Tu ești o fată. = You are a girl.
Tu ești un băiat. = You are a boy.
Noi suntem fete. = We are girls.
Noi suntem băieți. = We are boys.
Voi sunteți fete. = You are girls.
Voi sunteți băieți. = You are boys.


Why is it "o" when you're refering to a girl and "un" when you're refering to a boy? does it have something to do with gender?


fată = girl (feminine noun),
o fată = a girl (o - is the indefinite article for feminine nouns),
fata = the girl (definite article)

băiat = boy (masculine noun),
un băiat = a boy (un - is the indefinite article for masculine and neuter nouns)
băiatul = the boy (definite article). Instead of appearing before the noun, the definite article is added to the end.


Cannot see why my answer was marked wrong


We can't either. What did you write?


Pronounciation ea=ya?

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