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  5. "Cei de la masă sunt frați."

"Cei de la masă sunt frați."

Translation:The ones at the table are brothers.

January 17, 2017



Is it incorrect to say: "Those from the table are brothers"? (I am finding the subject of Demonstrative Pronouns and Pronominal Adjectives so confusing!)

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Using "those" instead of "the ones" is fine, but it would be much more common and natural to say "at the table" rather than "from the table," as you have it.


Thanks Lauren. I was also confused by the drop down hints. :)


You're lucky you even know what these are! Grammar did not feature highly at my Comprehensive school.


:) I sympathise! I know that I would not have enjoyed learning English grammar at school but I think that they should have tried to teach me.


Isn't "de la" translated "from" normally?


cel de la masă este fratele meu = the one at the table is my brother
cea de la masă este sora mea = the one at the table is my sister
cei de la masă sunt frații mei = the ones at the table are my brothers
cele de la masă sunt surorile mele = the ones at the table are my sisters


I know the translation is literal but we would never use that in English. We would probably say "Those men at the table are brothers"


I'm a native U.S. English speaker, and while I agree you wouldn't hear this specific phrase often, this kind of construction is common when you're distinguishing between members of a certain group. E.g. if somebody says," Are all of these men cousins?" you might answer, "No, the ones at the table are brothers." In those cases you wouldn't repeat the referent as you did in your example.


What annoys me is that if you hover over 'de la' it tells you it means 'from' or 'since', so I use 'from' and get marked wrong!

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