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Searching for a foreign pen-pal

The key to successful learning a foreign language is communication practice with native speakers. Such communication expands your outlook and has a positive effect on the personal qualities.

I am a native speaker of Ukrainian (also know Rus). My English is at the middle level. I would like to improve my Eng and help someone in learning Ukrainian or Russian.

I will be glad to communicate :) https://www.facebook.com/sloblesia https://vk.com/chik_chiki_bum_chik_chiki_bum

January 17, 2017



Hi there! My name is Laura, I am from Australia and am learning Ukrainian. My father was born in Lyviv and my whole family speaks Ukrainian and I would love to speak Ukrainian with my Babcia. I am fluent in English and understand basic Ukrainian so far.

Want to be penpals? :) I will add you on fb!


I would like to help you, can you add me on facebook? It's linked to my profile


Hi there! My name is Kathleen and I'm Canadian (I have some Ukrainian background though, my grandfather was born in a village there, before immigrating to Canada). I'm a native English speaker and would be happy to help you practice! My Ukrainian is limited to only basic words and sentences right now, but I'm learning a little more every day :) I can add you on FB if you'd like!


Sounds amazing! The rest of my name (in username is ckyj :))


Hi, Kathleen!) I would be glad to help you with Ukrainian and also to have a good conversation) Add me on FB.


I will send you a friend request on VK!

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