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Searching for a foreign pen-pal

The key to successful learning a foreign language is communication practice with native speakers. Such communication expands your outlook and has a positive effect on the personal qualities.

I am a native speaker of Ukrainian (also know Rus). My English is at the middle level. I would like to improve my Eng and help someone in learning Ukrainian or Russian.

I will be glad to communicate :) https://www.facebook.com/sloblesia https://vk.com/chik_chiki_bum_chik_chiki_bum

January 17, 2017



Hi there! My name is Laura, I am from Australia and am learning Ukrainian. My father was born in Lyviv and my whole family speaks Ukrainian and I would love to speak Ukrainian with my Babcia. I am fluent in English and understand basic Ukrainian so far.

Want to be penpals? :) I will add you on fb!


I would like to help you, can you add me on facebook? It's linked to my profile


I will send you a friend request on VK!

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