"Musiałbym znaleźć pracę."

Translation:I would have to find a job.

January 17, 2017



Isn't there a line in Chaplin's City Lights somewhere along the lines of "I will give you a home even if I would have to get a job."

March 10, 2017


Not 'should"? In other words, what difference with "powinnem"?

January 17, 2017


This it the conditional mood. I don't think that you can say "I would should" ;) I didn't even know that it's technically possible in Polish, Wiktionary gives an option for that, but that sounds very strange and unusual.

Also, 'should' is just not as strong as "have to'.

March 7, 2017


I think simple "should" would simply suggest (mild) obligation here, without the idea of condition. In British English we might say "I should have to find a job", but the meaning of "should" here is the same as "would", and I don't think this is used in AmE.

May 28, 2017


Does polish have a tense for "I would have had to find a job," or would one just use this?

June 20, 2018


You could say "musiałbym był" ("musiałabym była" for a woman) to make it clear that it's past perfect conditional, but generally this construction is rarely used in contemporary language - you'd rather just say "musiałbym".

Therefore, added.

June 24, 2018


Good to know, thanks

June 24, 2018


Why is it wrong to say: "I would have to find a work". Maybe "job" is more precise (?)

June 1, 2017


Work is generally uncountable, "a work" would suggest someone's work (written, for example), like "this work by Shakespeare".

June 2, 2017


How would you render: 'I ought to find a job'?

December 30, 2018


Well, as I understand "I ought to" = "I should", then it's "Powinienem znaleźć pracę" (if I am a man) or "Powinnam znaleźć pracę" (if I am a woman).

This is probably the only verb that shows gender in the Present Tense.

December 30, 2018
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