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Zeus was the ruler of the ancient Greek gods.

In Religion, Lesson 5 it asks to translate: Zeus was the ruler of the ancient Greek gods.

The correct answer is given as: Ο Δίας ήταν ο αρχηγός των αρχαίων Ελλήνων θεών It doesn't accept Ζεύς instead of Δίας as a correct answer. Is it incorrect with Ζεύς?

January 17, 2017



It's not incorrect, not at all. Ζεύς is a bit more archaic. ^.^


Both should be accepted in Modern Greek, I believe.

Explanation of the form: the god's name in the nominative case in Ancient Greek is Ζεύς. But in Ancient Greek Z is pronounced DZ or ZD, and in fact the genitive is Διός (DZ > D), the accusative is Δία, and so on. This inconsistency was leveled over time, and the DZ/ZD of the nominative likewise simplified to a simple D .

Explanation of the form part two: the DZEUS pronunciation of really old Ancient Greek is itself a simplified form of a word that would sound something like DYEUS (where Y is the English consonant), which is cognate to the Latin Iupiter/Iouis (where the I is likewise the English Y consonant).


It should be Ζευς, I think -- no accent since it's one syllable as far as I know.

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