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UPDATE: Technical issues on Duolingo

Hi folks!

The tech team is aware of the technical issues happening on Duoling and are working to fix them.

But, we ask you, please do not make a flood of posts about it. That clogs the forums which creates it's own, separate problem. If something BIG goes bump on Duolingo, try these instead instead of making a new post about it:

First, if you're new and not sure if it's a general troubleshooting issue or not, check the Help menu, located in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Just hover your mouse over your username there and the menu with the Help option will drop down.

If you know it's something new and unusual, look through a few pages of the forum. Has one person already made a post about it? If so, upvote their post so it rises in the Popular tab and more people can see it. If you don't see it, scroll through a few pages of new posts. Still don't see it? Check the popular tab. Too many stickies in the popular tab? Click on the main language the website is in on the forum list to the right. Click it. Then click it's popular tab. You'll have a few stickies to scroll through, but, not nearly as many.

For example, if the website is in English, click the English forum in the forum list on the right. Scroll past the stickies in the Popular tab there and you'll see the most popular posts for the last couple of days.

If Duolingo goes down completely, you can bookmark this website and check if here http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/duolingo.com.html

You can also check https://twitter.com/duolingo for official announcements

You can check the new Help page, which has added a "News" section https://www.duolingo.com/help

Sometimes, these news sources are running behind. So, please at least check the forums before making a new post.

Thank you! ^_^

January 17, 2017



Why are you having so many technical issues recently? In the last three years I have never seen so many issues on this site as there have been since the start of 2017. Please stop these clubs that seem to be causing all these problems and bring back activity and immersion.


Hi adder3,

Please stop these clubs [...] and bring back activity and immersion.

I'm not sure who you're talking to... the persons dealing with those issues (=staff) aren't in this discussion.

these clubs that seem to be causing all these problems

Even if i don't see the interest of Duo "Clubs", I don't see something indicating they're responsible of all that (at least not more than any other part of Duolingo: they're all implying requests to the servers, thus all "load" the server).

  1. Duolingo adds clubs.

  2. Everything starts overloading.

  3. Duoloingo removes Immersion and, according to some users, the ability to do Lessons. And keeps Clubs and the Forums for spamming kids running.

What is Duolingo's purpose, again?


All is good

The technics will make it better

time to learn

sit back

read an article

drink a coffee

even eat a doughnut

The lessons are all availble

do a lesson

smile and even do a test

All that is great about Duolingo is still here

Enjoy the day


All is good

there was a technical issue with the immersion


all was good

all is good


all will be good .


I think Duolingo should have a dialog box popup while the page loads, saying "The activity tab is currently disabled due to technical difficulties which is being fixed by our engineers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. " Followed by a checkmark box saying "don't show this again" in case the user reloads.

Most online games have a feature like this especially when they want to update their client and stuff within the next few hours.


I agree, that's a good idea, at least we could know what is happening fastly!


@ Soroushi. You are absolutely right.


Cannot you sticky this at the top of the forums? I had to trawl through several pages of posts before finding any information about it, which is very painful on a mobile device.


You can also check https://twitter.com/duolingo for official announcements

This would be really helpful if there were any tweets.


Hello, I just checked the twitter link and it is working. Just a few tweets down staff have cited technical issues due to the vast influx of new users creating accounts.


Remark about:

Look through a few pages of the forum. [...] Then click it's popular tab.

I'd say:

If something goes bump on Duolingo, try these before creating a new discussion:

  1. Look through the Support Pages' articles if there is no solution described.
    • If not, look through a few pages of the Troubleshooting forum. Has one person already made a post about it?
      • If so, upvote their post and/or comment.
      • If you don't see it, scroll through a few pages of new posts.
        • Still nothing? Check the popular tab.
          • If nothing there neither, post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.

Because Troubleshooting forum is where posts about issues/bugs or, more generally, questions about how Duo works (or why it's not working as before) are asked by staff to be posted. ;)

Here for the English troubleshooting forum.

And about the current technical issue(s) of disappearance of some features on 16-17/01/2017: here for a discussion in Troubleshooting forum with informations about it.

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