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  5. "Тато там, де мама."

"Тато там, де мама."

Translation:Dad is where mom is.

January 17, 2017



Really poor English translation. Never end a sentence with a conjugation of "to be". Only Yoda gets away with this.

That being said, the comma confuses me. This sentence is one idea and a comma is used to separate items on a list, or ideas within one sentence. I originally translated this sentence "Dad is there, where is mom", which made no sense to me. There must be a better way to say this.


The use of punctuation in Ukrainian differs from English. While this seems very odd in English and can result in English-speakers misunderstanding, giving thought to the rules can help in learning.

This may help: http://www.translationdirectory.com/article948.htm


А чому нема артиклей


The dad is where the mom


Can somebody break this down? I put "Dad, where is mom?" and I don't understand what the answer is getting at. Am I missing grammar?


It's confusing due to the lack of a verb to be in present time. "Тато там, де мама." literally means Dad is there, where mom (is). Isn't constructed as a question, so that might help to recognize it.


Ok, thank you!


I do not think my answer is right, but it has been accepted. I answered "Тато там. Де мама?"

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