My early essential phrases when staying at a Polish home...

Cześć, jestem Daniel. Hi, I'm Daniel,

Before my first visit to a Polish home I was slightly frightened but then I'm quite backwards at coming forwards. I didn't need to worry, the hospitality was superb. I was an absolute beginner in the language but I wanted to make a good impression. I found my use of informal speech was fine. The family were very excited to hear my attempts at speaking Polish.

I think the following are okay to learn by heart and quite useful for a beginner. Do you have any faves or additions you would make?
BTW, I used (f.) to indicate the form for a female speaking and (m.) for a male speaking.

First a quick look at the simple essentials, I've always learnt these for any country I visit.
Tak Yes. Nie No. Proszę Please/You're welcome/Here you are (when passing something). Przepraszam Excuse me/Sorry. Dziękuję/Dzięki Thank you/Thanks. Miło mi/Miło mi cię poznać Nice to meet you. Cześć Hi. Dzień dobry Good morning/Good day. Dobranoc Good night (as a night time farewell or before bedtime).

So, you're at the dinner table?
Jestem głodna (f.) or Jestem głodny (m.) I'm hungry
Najadłam się (f.) or Najadłem się (m.) I'm full (of food)
To było smaczne That was tasty
For when your plate or glass is full enough.
Dość Enough

All round useful phrases.
Lubię to I like this/that
W porządku *I'm fine/It's fine *

Talking about the weather?
Jest zimno? Jest gorąco? Is it cold? Is it hot?
To miło i ciepło It's nice and warm

And the most important two :-)
Idę wziąć prysznic I'm taking a shower
Może być... Maybe/It can be...

I would always accompany my verbals with some arm movement that I hoped would clarify my intended communication. So much can be said without words.

And a few things you may hear.
Witamy! Welcome!
Siadaj! Sit!
Obiad! Dinner's ready!
Na Zdrowie! To health/Cheers!

And something to say as you leave for your home.
Dziękuję za wszystko. Do zobaczenia.
Thank you for everything. Good bye.

January 17, 2017

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Dość and Siadaj are quite impolite, and can be accepted only among young people or close friends
Normally it would be Dziękuję, starczy as Thank you, it's enough and Proszę siadać - Sit down, please

Good bye Do zobaczenia, or Do widzenia

And very essential common phrase Proszę Please (when asking) or You're welcome

January 18, 2017

Hi, thanks for the corrections and additional information. I can't believe I forgot Proszę! Blame it on a senior moment. I also recall using Poproszę often, as a more polite form of please when asking for things in shops and restaurants.

I imagine then that the usage of Dość and Siadaj should be treated with care. In the families I've encountered they were used quite liberally across the dining table and across three generations. There was no sense of impropriety there but not all situations will be the same.

Thank you for your help :-)

January 18, 2017
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Nie ma za co :)

January 19, 2017

I forgot something! Smacznego! Bon appetit! Enjoy the food!

January 17, 2017
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