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Ukrainian born Australian, looking for a pen-pal to help me with Ukrainian/help you learn English?

I have gone through Duolingo so many times trying to learn Ukrainian and I feel like all I have learnt is all of these individual words, separately.

I would like to start stringing sentences together, even if I have to start off pretty poorly to begin with.


January 18, 2017



Well, I am native Ukrainian speaker, and my English is pretty good. Write me, if you still are looking for a penfriend :)


Hello, I am native Ukrainian currently living in Poland. I have been studying English for 5 years and would like to improve. I think that we could help each other. pm me


Hi there! I can help you with English if you can help me with Ukrainian? Do you have facebook?


Yes, I do but I am quite unsure whether one is allowed to post links. How can we contact?


Look me up on fb- the rest of my name is ckyj :)

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