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"Think about the sheep when you cannot sleep."

Translation:Nghĩ về những con cừu khi bạn không thể ngủ.

January 18, 2017



Làm ơn is very polite and formal. I rarely hear people use it in speech! Hãy is more of a command, an imperative. You're urging/telling someone to do something. Hãy tiếp tục đi bộ. = Continue walking. Chúng ta hãy đi. = Let's go.


Cảm ơn for the very useful reply.


Google Translate tells me that 'Hãy' means 'Please' but can anyone one tell me when to use it and how it differs from the 'làm ơn' we learnt way back.


hãy is placed before the verb to make the sentence a strong command (imperative) hãy đi ngủ = go to sleep! (the mother ordering the children to go to sleep)

đi placed after the verb is an informal suggestion đi ngủ đi = go to sleep (husband telling the wife she is too tired and should get some rest)


Who do this?:)))


sheeps những con cừu


Note: it takes hãy nghĩ here.


Takes generic sheep as correct:

nghĩ về cừu khi bạn không thể ngủ

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