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"Наш дедушка итальянец, но последние четыре года он живёт в Америке."

Translation:Our grandfather is Italian but for the last four years he has been living in America.

January 18, 2017



My answer was not accepted because I used "past" instead of "last". Our grandfather is Italian, but for the past four years he's been living in America. Fix it!


I agree with the second solution, but not the first! namely "he in America" ? My attempted solution was "Our grandfather is Italian but lived the last four years in America" ?


"Has lived" instead of "has been living"?


живёт is present tense


Thanks Pavel. This is an important point - even though the difference in meaning is minuscule here. "Has lived" would technically translate to жил!


Yes! It's so satisfying doing long sentences like these, wish there were more of them!


"Our grandfather is Italian, but for the last four years he IS LIVING in America" is actually acceptable English, I posit (as a lifelong American English speaker), and is surely closer to the Russian. Shouldn't it be accepted?


My answer was not accepted, since I used "4"in place of "четыре" (four). I'am russian =)


Why is "Our grandfather is Italian but he has been living in America for the the last four years" not acceptable?

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