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Hebrew Translations?

When will you expand the languages? Any chance of Hebrew?

June 20, 2012



From my experience of Spanish on this site I think they have quite enough on their plates getting that language learning material right never mind anything as exotic as Hebrew!!


Luis has mentioned Chinese is on it's way and they're hiring for Portuguese speakers, so it seems they're working from the most widely spoken languages down. I'd love to see Japanese and Arabic amongst others but we may have to wait a while for Hebrew.


Agreed! I just started the Spanish language track, and it's amazing how professional this method is!!! I really hope that they'll someday introduce these languages: Hebrew - Russian - Chinese - Arabic - Italian!! I really like these languages, and if I could get the chance, I'd learn them 'to death' :)


This is absolutly a helpful Way to Learn languages! I really hope that we will be able to learn Hebrew with doulingo.


right with you! Would really love to advance my skills in Hebrew and would love it if this program would begin supporting it.


I would love to learn Hebrew!


I wana learn Hebrew too!


"as exotic as" I would love the exotic Hebrew two.


If Native Hebrew speakers want to contribute It looks like incubation phase for Hebrew is a possibility - or at least an option to sign up on as a contributor from English to Hebrew , Here --> http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

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