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  5. "Tu sari, ea fuge"

"Tu sari, ea fuge"

Translation:You jump, she runs

January 18, 2017



To flee in English seems to fit with the latin word fugio...


The English Wiktionary gives "to flee" as the second meaning of "a fugi".


Looks like the old Spanish word "huir," to flee. Makes sense seeing as Spanish switched most F sounds to H


"Huir" is not just a word of the old Spanish. It is currently widely used; maybe barely a little less than "escapar". Of course "huir" and "a fugi" are synonyms. In Spanish, an escape and a leak are also "fugas", just like the Romanian "fugă" (at least with the first meaning). And, just like in English, a fugitive is a "fugitivo" in Spanish, and a "fugar" in the beautiful Romanian language.


As in Catalan ... fugir


Just like "fuir" in French.


Why: "You jump, she runs away" is not accepted? if to escape is accepted, than to run away should also be or not?


I agree. To run away surely means a fugi, doesn't it? . A alerga is to run without the meaning of fleeing. Fuggire is the Italian for to run away


you jump, she escapes


Does "a fugi" mean the same as "a alerga"?


Yes, they both mean "to run." It was explained to me that 'a fugi' is used when a person is forced to run, such as running from a lion or running because you are late to something... Where as 'a alerga' is used for a more leisure, recreational way, like running to get some exercise or running a race.


Consonant with "refugee". So yeah, it's more "flee" than "run"

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