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"En dag blir kronprinsessan drottning."

Translation:One day the crown princess will become queen.

January 18, 2017



Is it truly incorrect to interpret this sentence as "One day the crown princess will become a queen"?

I was thinking of queen the way we are supposed to think of professions, where you don't say "hon är en läkare". You just say "hon är läkare" and the "en" part is implied.


Why is "One day the crown princess becomes queen" not an accepted answer. What I am missing here? Thanks


Fair enough, I added it. However, it's more common in Swedish than in English to refer to future actions with a present tense verb.


If I refer to future actions shouldn't I use 'ska' as the first verb?


Couldn't this sentence also refer to today? "(What a day is today!) A day the crown princess becomes queen..."


Preferrably, you'd say "En dag då kronprinsessan blir drottning" or "dagen då kronprinsessan blir drottning".


I would have expected "ska bli" if the intended message was that she "will be," as in future tense...

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