"Ea e cea mai mare."

Translation:She is the biggest.

January 18, 2017

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Mare actually means the tallest. Or the oldest. Depends on the context.


I was going to write "tallest" as well, but when it was not given as an option for "mare" I switched the subject to "It" as that could refer to any feminine noun, not just a person. But "It is the biggest" was also marked incorrect. I have reported that as I believe it should be accepted.

Or is this another case where there is one adjective for people and a different one for objects?


Why is 'She is the tallest' not accepted? 'Tall' was accepted for 'mare' in other sentences, especially regarding people, but now it's marked wrong...


Not the most polite sentences :-p


Would "She is the greatest" also be ok?

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