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"Imediat după femeia înaltă apare bărbatul scund."

Translation:Immediately after the tall woman the short man appears.

January 19, 2017



I must confess, I know this is still in beta, but I'm getting tired of being 'corrected' for stuff that's not wrong. Correcting me for "right after the tall lady" instead of "immediately after the tall woman" is kind of a yawn.


The English here is kinda funky and it won't let me report it.


Another thing is that Duolingo in many cases does not allow you any more to see your complete answers, so you don't know what was exactly your mistake.


In English the subject does not always precede the verb


What is the subject, what is the object?


Wouldn't this be the genitive/dative case (bărbatului)? Because after the verb appears, you could ask "who is appearing", and the short man is.


Is this a common sentence construction in Romanian? To modern uk ears it sounds as if it comes from Shakespearean times or is part of a poem.

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