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"Aceste fructe sunt pentru oricine le vrea."

Translation:These fruits are for anyone who wants them.

January 19, 2017



At this level the program is rejecting SO many right answers that it's getting hard to stick with it. "these fruits are for whoever wants them" was "wrong" -- so at this point, I'm committing so much memory to learning what precise phrasing use in English that I'm learning less Romanian. Beta, I know, but...


Is PaulMinden wondering why the natural English translation of "This fruit . . . ." is not accepted?


I feel you. When I completed my tree, I tried to do it as fast as possible by testing out everything. It was extremely hard, because I only had three hearts and I had to guess the most probable translation that is accepted. Gave up and saved the more complicated sentences in a text file.


It's an interesting sort of cross-linguistic meta-exercise, where you're guessing how an academically-minded Romanian is going to translate idiomatic Romanian into English. Doing my best. :)


This fruit is for anyone who wants it. Fruit is usually a collective noun and is used in the singular. There are exceptions but these usually appear in a poetic or biblical type of context. The fruits of their labours ..... Fruits of the forest etc


YES. I wouldn't mark the plural wrong, but in English the singular collective is correct.


Does it sound natural not to say ”oricine ce le vrea” or ”oricine că le vrea”? I was sure i would have to include something between oricine and le vrea


No, you should not include anything there. It sounds weird with "ce" or "că" ;) It doesn't sounds good at all

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