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  5. "El vine din fața casei mele."

"El vine din fața casei mele."

Translation:He comes from the front of my house.

January 19, 2017



He comes from IN front of my house? from THE front of my house? Does he start out inside my house, or in front of my house?


I think the correct form should be ”from in front of my house”


I tried this. It was rejected.


Agreed, "în fața casei mele" is "in front of my house" so "din fața casei mele" could be "from in front of my house", which is different from "from the front of my house", however weird the sentence may sound.



Why is it mele instead of mea when there is only one house?


It's ”casa mea” in accusative and ”casei mele” in gentitive/ dative


Is it because of it being the genitive or dative case here (or both maybe)? I find it difficult to understand what these grammatical concepts are.


Unfortunately you have to learn it... Romanian has 4 cases (Nominative-Accusative-Dative-Genitive) and Dative has the same form as Genitive, this is why they are mentioned together. Quite a few other languages have these cases. Russian has 6 cases ! I recommend reading this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_grammar


He cannot come from the front of my house unless he is a brick. But that is what Duo insists I say.

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