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"Could you pass me the salt, please?"

Translation:Îmi dai sarea, te rog?

January 19, 2017



what is wrong with : Puteți să mi- dați sarea, vă rog. as in plural, or in a polite way to ask?


Puteți să îmi dați sarea.


Why would I not be able to say "tu îmi dai sarea, te rog?"


I really wish to have an audio for this example to get to know the emphasis of the voice while asking a favour.


I used vă rog instead of te rog and it was marked incorrect. Up until this point we have been using the two interchangeably.


Not completely interchangeable as te rog is singular, va rog is plural

If you put "dai" in the first part than you are imply speaking to you singular & thus must follow the rule throughout the sentence. So "Îmi dai sarea, te rog?" I presume you could have "Îmi dati sarea, va rog?" as an alternative as that would follow the rule of a plural you being spoken to.

I am still learning too so this is what I understand of it :)

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