"a trece un examen"

Translation:to pass an exam

January 19, 2017

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Does this mean 'to sit down and do an exam' or 'to succeed in an exam'? Because I have the feeling this could be a false friend - in French, 'passer un examen' means 'to sit down and do an exam', but if a person says 'j'ai passé un examen hier' it doesn't necessarily mean that they know the result yet. In Romanian, if someone says 'am trecut un examen ieri', does it mean without ambiguity that they have the results and that they did well in the exam, or does it just mean that they sat down and did the exam? If it's the second meaning, the translation here is wrong and should be 'to take an exam' or 'to sit an exam'.


Indeed, if you use "a trece" it implies success (to take an exam). For the other case you would say "am dat un examen "


"To pass a test" should be accepted. Reported.


In my dialect, 'exam' and 'examination' are substantially equivalent.

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