"Aceiași aleargă cu mine."

Translation:The same are running with me.

January 19, 2017

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I think in English you would usually add a noun to specify: the same PEOPLE/GUYS/FRIENDS, etc. Or, if previously specified (context), you might say "the same ONES". I just suggested this version be accepted as a correct answer.


I suppose this it the direct translation but we would never say this in English. We might say, "They are running with me", or "These are running with me".


Needs an object. ' The same' doesnt work by itself


Am i wrong if I affirm that the four solutions proposed are available?

"Același aleargă cu mine. (m.sg.),"
"Aceiași aleargă cu mine. (m.pl.),"
"Aceeași aleargă cu mine. (f.sg.),"
"Aceelași aleargă cu mine. (f.pl.)"

??? Just the uppercase "A" let us chose "Aceiași"


The reverse translation (eng to rom) required 'împreună' and marked me wrong even though it isn't needed, as shown here.


For those struggling with this lesson, here is a excellent thread on this subject.

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