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Gold skills don't degrade, since the new layout. Confusing!


I found topics which came close to answering this, but not quite.

Does anyone else find that the skills they completed before the new layout came into effect stay gold; i.e. they don't degrade over time, even if you don't practice for weeks (which I couldn't, during January).

This is confusing, as it suggests I haven't forgotten anything (when I most definitely have).


February 28, 2014



For my skills, I haven't practiced for weeks and it is still perfectly gold, this seems very exotic. o.o


Hmmm... on the other hand, 24 skills of mine become rotten in one day. Seems normal to me...


Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Moderators, please take note and fix this! I am on the cusp of quitting the app and using a Linguaphone cassette set from the 1980s...!


It's been over a week for me, and nothing has decayed. For me, at least, this seems to pretty much entirely eliminate the motivation from Duolingo, and I'm not going to bother with it until this is resolved.


I've only been trying Duolingo for a few days, English->Spanish. I've not seen anything ever degrade. I'm glad I found this thread, because I was about to just give up entirely. I'm clearly not remembering things, and yet it doesn't seem to be telling me that. It'd be nice if it showed me what had decayed, but practicing things does seem to still work.


I've been on Duolingo a little over a month now and all of my skills stay gold, no matter how many days I forget to practice.


My French <<<--- Spanish tree erodes massively every day no matter how much spit-shining I do. Spanish <<<--- English hardly at all. And French <<<--- very moderately, never the same skill twice in two days as with French <<<--- Spanish.

Thanks for creating this thread!!


I don't know how it determines what degrades and what doesn't. For a while none of my German skills ever degraded, even when I hadn't practised for weeks. Now they are degrading since I've spent more time on Italian. It might just take longer for some skills than others?


Is it possible this has anything to do with the "track" that gets set in the mobile apps? For example, I have myself on a Regular Track in French and an Insane Track in Spanish, and my Spanish skills definitely fall off at a faster pace than my French skills.


As far as I know I don't have a track because I use just the Android app and the website. I can't find any "track" settings.


Maybe that’s why, I think that the tracks are only currently available to iOS devices, and coming to Android devices next week:



I borrowed a friend's iPhone and logged in to Duolingo. I gave myself a super hard track, but still no change in my decay status.


Duolingo/Sitesurf, please look at this and fix it! Until then, you'll find me on Livemocha, Babbel and Memrise!

It's a shame, because I was really enjoying Duolingo and recommended it widely, but it's just too frustrating to see those stubborn gold circles. I feel like I'm cheating and can't track my progress properly.


I'm also experiencing the never degrading skills problem and reported it here:


According to kristinemc's reply, the issue is being investigated.


I have just logged in again for the first time in a few weeks (I started again with a different e-mail) to find that some of the skills have degraded. Not the earliest ones, but some of the later ones. I guess there's some algorithm which assesses how well you did last time and how likely the section is to degrade in your memory. Perhaps I'm being generous, though!


Of course, it could be that I've practiced the earlier skills more, so they will take longer to degrade.

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