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Know the French culture together ;)

I speak to those who do not speak French and who does not live in France, and who shall like discovering the culture, the language, the history(story).

Today we are going to speak the French language where from he(it) really comes.

In the first place French is a Romance language. His(Her,Its) grammar and the largest part of its vocabulary arise oral and popular forms of the Latin, such as the use(custom) transformed them since the time(period) of the Roman Gaul. French is rich in vocabulary, in expression until even the conjugation.


The conjugation consists of seven verbal modes are used:

  • Four personal modes, which conjugate: indicative, conditional, subjunctive and imperative.

  • Three impersonal modes, which do not conjugate: infinitive, participle and gerund.

Even I at first I had difficulty conjugating.

Imagine a duty of conjugation to the high school where it was necessary to know by heart every verb of every group and their ending. It is hot potato, OMG (0-0) =)

And if you want we can make a dialogue to know each other with the French vocabulary which you learnt.

January 19, 2017

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Le français est l'une des langues les plus complexes a apprendre... ça fait 20 ans que je le parle et je fais encore des erreurs, alors bonne chance a vous...


Ah Ah ! Si ça peut te rassurer nous Français faisons aussi des erreurs, par méconnaissance ou par étourderie, voire même délibérément.


Bonjour dreamlight85,

votre discussion étant écrite en anglais et concernant le français, pourriez-vous la déplacer dans le forum “Français depuis l'anglais” ? Merci.
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Me to i Know french but not To much english thank you


Hi i have a lucky of you helps me to make tests in clubs in angletterre


bonjours Dreamlight85


Here an original blog about French culture if you want to learn about it :) french-iceberg.com

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