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Baswn or Byddwn

I understand these are more-or-less interchangeable, so am puzzled when I'm marked incorrect for using byddwn rather than baswn to mean would. Could someone please explain when it has to be baswn rather than byddwn (and also for the rest of the conjugation).

January 19, 2017



It is probably only because we have not got round to adding byddwn as an alternative to baswn in every single case on the database.

Unfortunately there is no way for this to be done automatically, or even very easily manually, in the course editor.


Okay. Thanks for the explanation. I think sometimes (often?) it's good when these things happen, as it makes you really think hard about the grammar (or whatever the issue is) which helps retention:) Often, it's when I get things wrong that I have to really puzzle it out, and then I remember it much better in the future.

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